How Can I Support This Project?

The biggest thing that you can do to support this site is to share it around! Link it when people ask for a definition of a word, use it in your Discord servers, all of it! Not only will this get more eyes on the project, but it will help us get more feedback, which we can use to make this project bigger and more useful for everyone.

If you have a personal website, something else you can do is linking us by putting our button on your site! Copy and paste the code below!



Finally, if (and only if) you have money to give, please consider using the button at the bottom of the screen to tip the webmaster via Ko-Fi! The minimum donation is just 3 USD, and, while we have no intention of making this a financial venture, it would mean a lot!

Thank you in advance for your support! We hope that, with the community's help, we can make this dictionary and resource the best that it can be!