Resources For Alterhumans


Othercon - the virtual convention for alterhumans

Lady Luunaathh'sstrreiii's Directory - an extensive list of nonhuman spaces, events, websites and resources

The Alterhuman Archives - a collection of nonhuman and alterhuman-related information, writings, and creations - articles, creative works, community events, groups, and status updates

Alt + H - the page for an organization dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance towards alterhumans and those who identify as nonhuman, including informational pages and a forum

Safety in Alterhuman Spaces - a PDF with information on red flags and keeping yourself safe in alterhuman spaces

The Otherkin Timeline - the full history of otherkinity

A Timeline of the Fictionkin Community - otherkin history, with a focus on fictionkin

The Elf Queen's Daughters and the Silver Elves - the activity of the Elf Queen's Daughters and the Silver Elves, who are early examples of otherkin

From Fiction - forums, information, and more

The Chimeras Library - essays and information

Orion Scribner's Site - a site for someone who has written essays, articles, and books on otherkin

Wildpath Library - a resource hub for nonhumans, including essays, surveys, and academic articles

Dreamhart - a more spiritually-focused site with articles, links, and other information

ProjectShift - an informational site about therianthropy with resources for therians

The WereLibrary - an index of writings, all about therianthropy

Synpath FAQ - a FAQ about synpaths, by the coiner of the term

Otherkin Theories and Sources - exactly what it says on the tin